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Our skincare promise to you

What’s special about our products?

We bring you clean products that reverse dry skin, improve and lesson acne breakouts, hydrate and help eczema flair ups.

Increase hair growth and re-grow thinning and balding hair that can be used on all skin and hair types.

The Foundations







A few Key Ingredients of our Skincare

The high oleic acid content in camellia oil allows for easy absorption, providing deep nourishment without leaving a greasy residue. It effortlessly leaves your skin soft, supple, and smooth.

Camellia Seed Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil can also be used to soften the skin, helping to treat dry skin and psoriasis as well.

Jamaician Black Caster Oil

Sea Moss

Rich in sulfur, sea moss offers an efficient way to maintain balance in your skin's microbiome. This element, combined with the goodness of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin K, helps keep the skin nourished, hydrated, and shielded from environmental stressors.

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Organic, all-natural ingredients

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No additives, preservatives

or chemicals

Our happy customers

“My son suffers from Eczema, and has since he was an infant. The body butter from Crushed Liquid is the only product on the market that has given him some relief. I am forever a customer”.


Crushed Liquids Body Butters are AMAZING! Not only do they smell great and feel wonderful on my skin, but they're the only body butters I trust to help my eczema. The butters are whipped into a perfect consistency and spread easily onto your skin. They're not too heavy or too light either! They're just right, and because a little bit of product goes a long way, you will get your money's worth with the generous amount that comes in each container. If you haven't tried Crush Liquids Body Butters, do yourself a favor and put in an order today!!! You'll thank yourself later. T.L.

I loved that hair oil, I put it in my hair everyday before I go to work after putting water in it to loc the moisture and it definitely serves its purpose ! It left my scalp feeling moisturized and it also helped stop my head from itching all the time!

Cierra Passmore

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Our mission is to provide you with the best products that hydrate your skin and hair, using the best ingredients the earth provides enhancing your skins natural glow.

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